about us

We aim to produce world-class investment research that can be easily accessed by all investors across the world

Our Story

Vektor Research, an Indonesian independent research firm, provides an in-depth, data-driven investment research for investors. We understand that while investors are required to do their own research, most do not have significant time to do so. Furthermore, not all investors have access to high-quality research provided by securities or research firms. Here, we will do the time-consuming part, and investors can enjoy our work in plain English or Indonesian. (We are not giving any investment recommendations, so you still need to do your own research, though)


For now, we will cover a group of stocks in within the same sector to provide investors with more comprehensive analysis. Furthermore, we will recommend companies with wide moats and sold at reasonable prices, those that fall out of favor but still retain a turnaround story, and smaller companies that are not well-known by the market but hold significant upside.